Sindoh VINA Marketing was established in December 2015, is the Vietnam corporation professional company Sindoh worldwide office equipment. Sindoh since its founding in 1960, the printer as Korean companies that have focused on the field of office equipment of the MFP Office, international expert of all departments throughout the research and development, production, sales and service It is equipped with knowledge. In addition, it is a global company that is active in all the world through the construction of overseas network such as the US, China, and Japan. In 2015, Sindoh established a factory in Hanoi, Vietnam for ASEAN business expansion, has started production of the product, and now through the expansion and marketing activation of the second phase plant. Sindoh VINA Marketing, based on the technology and the Korean market MS 1-position of the know-how that has been recognized in overseas markets, will continue to provide Vietnam and product lineup and advanced solutions excellent service to the ASEAN market.


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